Monday, January 9, 2012

Persistence - for Hayley Okines

You would never think there could be a medical condition out there that would age a child at least 8 years for every normal year passed.  Who would imagine it?  Haley has fought against this all of her life, and has defied statistics by surviving until age 13.  Please visit her site and learn more about her.  If you are able to help her family with the tremendous costs of the experimental treatments she is undergoing, please do so at her site below.
She is in her youth,
Full of love and life,
Yet in battle every day,
For the rare condition,
She fights against,
Will always have its say,
She is only thirteen,
And the doctors said,
She could never go this far,
With her family's love,
She defies all odds,
Reminding who we are,
The condition of aging,
She must fight against,
Is something rare to see,
She will not allow it,
To dominate her life,
And so her heart flies free,
The strength of family,
So close at hand,
Full of the power of love,
Reminds me how much,
We each have to fight for,
A lesson from Heaven above.

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