Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Hard Times - For Debbie and for us all...

Deborah Kaplan is a friend I have come to know through some years of professional association.  She has been through recent hip surgery and now has a new injury to the shoulder.  If she can get the surgery, the recovery time will be at least 3 months and she has no one to help her through this.  I have included a link below from one of her emails, feel free to review.

I stand amazed and astounded,
At the way of things befalling us,
Speaking with a woman now,
As she is in pain and hurting,
With no one to turn to,
And no where to go,
Remembering of a woman,
Who was in the same pain,
Years ago but clear as day,
She had no one to turn to,
No one but her husband,
And as she cared for our baby,
With just one arm to use,
I could do nothing from afar,
To assist or help her,
Coming home on lunch,
I tried to set what I could,
Leaving her yet again,
To face futility alone,
Yet one person took notice,
Of the struggle we faced,
And while my wife recovered,
She cooked for our family,
While we struggled alone,
She brought dinner to us,
From the love of her kitchen,
Wonderful Arabic flavors,
And an arm around our shoulders,
To know we were not alone.
Yet each of us is a friend,
Knowing of some others,
And others stand out there,
Knowing of our lives,
So the incredible burden,
Of all of the sufferings,
In the lives all around us,
Could be no burden at all,
Would be no burden at all,
If we each asked the question,
Of what we could do,
Thinking how we can help,
Making a small change,
Thinking it no consequence,
Yet a brick is a small change,
Forming walls with other bricks,
Each one a small part,
To our fortress of strength.


  1. Thanks Eric!
    You are a blessing...


  2. It is my pleasure, and I pray it does some good!