Friday, January 6, 2012


The power we truly have to positively effect life!

We live within space,
Working with various matter,
To effect the course of time,
Using our lives to the fullest,
Feeling our ways as we learn,
Finding the way to grow,
Knowing the limitless,
As we push forth our limits,
Within the concepts we know,
Yet are the concepts true,
Or do we live within a paradox?
With misunderstandings,
And confusion creating limits,
Which may not be real,
For what if space and time,
Are one with thought,
And they are three facets,
Of the very same thing?
For there is no matter,
When every atom known,
Is mostly empty space,
With electrons in orbit,
Traveling beyond speed,
Matter is only energy,
Vibrating at different frequencies,
So that the our human structure,
Can stand upon solid ground,
Being within the space we move,
As we shape the energies around us,
Using the energy of thought,
Aided by the tools of our hands,
So that as energy we shape energy,
Within the space we live,
Measuring such events,
In sequence of organization,
So that time is but a matter,
Of our own perception,
Yet if there are no endings,
Of what we see in motion,
Then can time have a beginning,
Or is it just the ocean?
For God gave these answers,
Upon giving us life,
As the energy of perfect thought,
Changed the energy of realities,
What He thought to be good,
Became the life we have,
What He thought to be beautiful,
Became the world we live in,
Perhaps making the endings we see,
A side effect of our free will,
Creating our illusion of time,
When His perfect thought is timeless,
Creating a path choice for us,
If we choose to act out of love,
For love amplifies thought,
And removes imperfections,
Making what was improbable,
Into what we call miracles,
For God’s miracle through His hand,
Only brings true amazement,
Where God’s miracles through our hand,
Express the perfect beauty of love.

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