Friday, January 6, 2012

Children - For Foster Children Everywhere and Families Trying to Adopt Them

Hello world,
You are what I see,
Hello world,
Are you ready for me?
I am all alone,
I am on my own.

Hello heart,
I can feel your beat,
Hello heart,
I am on my feet,
The sky’s above,
I am ready for love.

I have fallen from the nest,
Against the world put to the test,
Without someone to show me how to fly,
With a family I would surly try.

Hello friend,
Out on the street,
Hello friend,
Out in the heat,
Are you alone?
Are you just like me?

Hello fun,
Let’s laugh and play,
Hello fun,
Let’s seize the day,
Until someone,
Comes to set me free.

That will be the day life starts,
When my life is in their hearts,
A family’s love to show me the way,
The light of love will not go away.

Hello Mom,
Is it really you?
Hello Mom,
Can this be true?
Am I good enough,
That you want me to be yours?
Hello Dad,
I cannot believe!
Hello Dad,
Look what I received!
The wait is done,
I will be lonely never more.

May all waiting children know,
That prayer’s power never slows,
And one day they will cease to roam,
They will have family they can call home.

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