Monday, January 16, 2012

Open Doors

I was recently intrigued by the concept of walking through another person’s thoughts and experiences as if they were all in rooms along hallways of the mind.  Then I realized, is this not accomplished in varying degrees through love?  Do we not in some way become part of each other?  (My mind does not actually work like that when I write, it was more of a sudden feeling that came without warning and stayed with me.  The only way I can do anything with it is by putting it into words.)

Once I walked alone,
Alone I saw the world,
Facing my fears,
Gaining my experience,
And then you came,
Through the doorway of love,
You entered my feelings,
Across the bridge of hearts,
You entered my mind,
Walking the hallways,
Opening every door,
Sharing in all that I am,
For behind one door,
Lies my brothers death,
And behind another door,
A crash I had endured,
Yet the pain has abated,
And fear is washed away,
Because you are there,
Behind every door,
And through other doors,
I hold amazement,
Watching a comet crash,
Upon another distant world,
Or seeing beyond the universe,
In the smallest spark of life,
My joy is made greater,
Because you share,
My joy is overflowing,
Because you are there,
Within every room,
Of thought in my mind,
Within all of me,
Because you are mine,
For in love we let go,
Of anxiety and fear,
Embracing perspective,
In joys that we have,
And knowing there is more,
For love is possibility,
Through open doors.

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