Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Longevity of Love

My wife and I were blessed this weekend for meeting two wonderful families.  One recently went through the loss of an elder husband and father to cancer, and around the same time the son lost his wife to cancer as well.  On the same day we met another family of 8 siblings who were clearing items left from their mother's home for the same reason.  We were both overwhelmed by the strength and love of these families who never gave up, never stopped doing their best, and made the time they had priceless.  You could see it in the light of their eyes, and how they spoke.  It was wonderful to meet all of them.  My wife and I were discussing some matters on a later day and in response to an optomistic comment she gave me the best compliment I had ever heard.  She said, "I wish I could see the world through your eyes."  The funniest thing is that she actually does.  If she did not, I would never have the same ability to reach out to so many souls whom have gone through so much.  She strengthens my faith and will always be the fire which makes my heart bright.

How we see the world,
Is purely up to us,
Each person of free will,
To choose how to see,
For how we see the world,
Is how we will make it,
Fashioning it by heart,
For that is the only way,
Dreams may come to pass,
Examples of this truth,
Can be seen all around us,
Quite memorably for me,
In the examples of two families,
Who stayed close together,
Helping each other,
Being a strength and joy,
Creating hope and peace,
Where none could be found,
A testimony I could feel,
Within the light of their eyes,
Being there with my wife,
We grew stronger together,
In the mutual agreement,
To see life through love,
And in agreement with her,
We travel far and wide,
Overcoming all pain,
With the strength we have,
For God gave us this,
As a blessing to each other,
Even as she expressed her desire,
To see the world through my eyes,
Where the secret of my joy,
I will now reveal to you,
For my faith is of strength,
And I have joy of perspective,
Because I chose long ago,
To see the world through hers.

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