Friday, December 30, 2011

I Was There - Inspired by and Written for Ben Breedlove

Writing is my gift.  Ben's gift was taking the doubt away from countless souls that everything the Bible is telling us is true.  I could not help but write what I wrote after hearing his words in powerful silence.  I pray I am a loudspeaker, and even more can hear Ben's message through me.

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My Video Reading:

I am just a younger guy,
On the road to knowing why,
Of how life is so good,
So we can share,
Though I do not come from wealth,
And I am not blessed with great health,
I know how much He loves us,
I was there.

Sometimes I’ve been through fear,
When I’ve felt that death was near,
I was so much afraid,
Of letting go,
But God pulled me through with love,
From in Heaven up above,
So I could come and share,
And you would know.

He has given me a voice,
For we all must make a choice,
As when its time to leave,
We all choose where,
I have seen the place aglow,
Full of joy as white as snow,
Filling my heart with peace,
For I was there.

Please don’t miss me if we part,
I am always in your heart,
We are never alone,
Through our love,
God is real with us today,
His light never fades away,
I give witness to you,
From up above.

When it seems all hope is gone,
Just remember you are wrong,
I came back with this joy,
For you to share,
So God’s love you know is real,
This is always yours to feel,
You can know that its true,
For I am there.

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