Thursday, December 1, 2011

UPDATED -- Rosemary Harrison Losing Home to Cancer - Foreclosure News in San Diego California

UPDATE - Jan 3, 2012

---As there was a lack of other solutions, Rosemary Harrison is now temporarly renting a single room.  The quality of the room does reflect the meager monthly housing funds she has available to herself.  The cost of this temporary solution to my understanding was the loss of nearly all of her possessions left after the estate sale which resulted from the bank taking her house.  She has her clothes, her dog Aussie, and we are still by her side looking for a permanent solution---

I am writing this concerning a new friend we have quickly grown close to whom is in need of help.  She in her 60’s, alone, and facing foreclosure.  This happened not because of spending or getting into an adjustable mortgage.  This happened because of love.

This lady is Rosemary Harrison (!/rosyglow2001), whom immigrated from England over 40 years ago with her husband Ivan Harrison ( .  He restored antiques like no one could in Nottingham and San Diego ( , and they had all they needed in life.  Ivan had a love for racing and was involved in local NASCAR races for over 20 years ( .  Through this, they gave their love to the community in the form of benefiting foster children whom could never otherwise enjoy such a thrill.  They raised money, worked tirelessly, and helped the community all through his racing career. 

Their next love was the theater.  Ivan performed on stage in England through the 1960’s  (  , and took the stage once again at the Coronado Theater.  They both became very involved in production and used this as a venue for giving back to a community that gave them a wonderful life in California for so many years.  Ivan pursued this until illness caught up with him in the form of cancer.

This led to the greatest expression of love that I know.  Rosemary devoted the next few years to caring for her husband, and being by his side as his health declined.  Medical expenses grew, and money became short.  Through her heart and her tenacious English attitude, she made the bold decision to refinance her home for the medical funds needed to save her beloved husband’s life.  Ivan hung on to life beside his wife until the illness won, and he passed away nearly two years ago.

The loss of Rosemary’s husband led to the loss of their business known as Aussie Gold, which involved the sales of a revolutionary orchid growth fertilizer that he developed.  After the business went down, Rosemary lost the last thing that she had.  Her home.  She has been given notice to leave by January 1, 2012.

My wife and I are trying to organize some form of benefit to help her.  All she needs is a place for herself and her pets, not a mansion.  She has looked at mobile homes which would be a good option.  Yet her retirement minus living expenses leaves about $600 per month for housing.

The best thing in the world would be if someone in the real estate world could donate a small property or a mobile home in a park with an inexpensive lot rent.  This would give some real estate office wonderful community PR, and a VERY healthy tax write off for the end of 2011.  I am sure when we put this together that some people will donate some cash, but that may help with some moving expenses.  She herself said that she feels bad about receiving such help while there are already others on the street.  I told her that once she is taken care of, she will have time and means to reach out to others.  This we would do by her side.

I will be using my newly published book to help raise funds and awareness.  I need advice or direction from you in the way of helping to find some real estate office that could make the full or partial donation of a home.  She would of course benefit but it does not stop there.  Anyone who hears of this or participates will receive the full and powerful message that we can make a difference in the life of others.

This matter is very serious, I want to be sure things happen properly for everyone involved, but time is definatley running out.

Please contact me if you are able to help, or have any ideas on how we can help together.  If I can come up with an event and date, I will put time and details here.


  1. Hi Eric
    I came across this peice on rosemary Harrison (nee Smethurst)
    Your update 3 Jan was already out of date.9112 Northcote Road was sold by Rosemary to Robert Peeleman, Oceanfront Realty, on 27 Dec for $ 203,500
    You claim she is alone. Now my info. may be incorrect, and if so I apologise in advance, but she does have family. Her step-mother Jane Smethurst (82) resides at Cezanne Land Bonita 91902 and is a member of Chula Vista Golf & Country Club
    There are also 2 brothers John & Bill, and a sister Jacky all living in north America
    And friends - from motor racing, theatre and orchid society
    I cannot believe that between them they cannot bring a better solution than a trailer park
    Your suggestion that someone donate a small property or a mobile home is, with respect, a trifle hopeful. There are more than 10,000 people homeless in the San Diego area many with children, all desperate in need of a roof over their heads. Local government and charities do what they can, but at the end of the day it is a self-preservation society
    i do wish you all the best with your endeavours
    What goes around comes around

    1. You are absolutely right. The homeless situation in San Diego is bad, but I have seen far worse in the tent cities of India (See “Children of the Rocks” in my book.).

      Where there is hope, solutions come to mind. I was trying to use this situation to foster hope in many. Also where faith comes into the picture, I do not believe in praying and waiting for God to respond. God gave me abilities, and I must use them. That is what led to the decision to use my writing to try and help. I have fought fires before, and it is rather like that. I kept praying while I put shovels and hoses to good use.

      I would have liked to have seen a positive solution for Rosemary, but the only real truth is it simply has not happened yet. There are always possibilities.

      In my pursuit of fostering hope I must say you have given it to me. I was reaching out. Thank you for reaching back. It is good to know that someone is listening.