Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bridge of Love - For Kathy

Kathy lives in the midwest and works for the same company I do.  She recently succomed to a brain hemmorage and is fighting back to recovery.  I wrote this to use my abilities of writing to help her where I can.  If you would like to see her story, or help her family bear the financial burden of her recovery, please visit the site listed here:

How could it happen,
When I am young?
How could it happen,
What have I done?
I was at home,
Doing what I do,
Then I was out,
Nothing more I knew,
Then as if dreaming,
I heard voices,
Some were toward me,
Others making choices,
I could hear my family,
I knew they were there,
They were reaching to me,
I could feel the care,
And friends beyond the circle,
With voices still unheard,
Raising hope in prayers,
God hearing every word,
My eyes began to open,
And through a blur to me,
Some familiar faces,
I began to see,
I could not lift a finger,
I could not say a word,
Yet what I wanted most,
Was them to know I heard,
As they were reaching in,
I was reaching out,
Their strength from the heart,
Became my proof and clout,
Knowing I would make it,
Moving more each day,
Smiling to my husband,
To hear what he would say,
Forcing every movement,
Taking every step,
Fighting back to freedom,
Back to the life I left,
Unto the day I can speak,
And I can walk again,
Sharing my new joy,
Of life and love again,
For all the friends and family,
And our God above,
Whom rescued me from darkness,
Across the bridge of love.

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