Monday, June 2, 2014


I met a lady named Peggy who turned out to be an author.  She 
was sitting at Starbucks reading a book about 
Pope John Paul II, and we started speaking about 
life and faith.  I gave her my card with my blogs
and she gave me this book called "Saint John Paul II
The Great:  His Five Great Loves."  This poem was 
written there on that experience.
A life can keep giving,
Long after living,
Fire passed heart to heart.
A desire to fulfill,
Is the passionate thrill,
Giving the journey its start.

Through book or voice,
Always a choice,
There are ways seeds to give,
Planted in many new hearts,
New growth always starts,
With love they thrive and live.

I remember John Paul,
Who always stood tall,
Kneeling to kiss the ground,
Yet his heart beats today,
As a woman reads today,
In her book his words are found.

Our words are the wind,
With the fire of heart to send,
Spreading the joy of our light.
For our souls never die,
From our hearts fear will fly,
As we sing this song of life.

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