Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where Truth Lies

The ones who look most lonely,
May never be lonely at all.

The least in stature around us,
May be the one who stands most tall.

The person who most values peace,
May have indeed seen the most strife.

The one who does not seem smart,
May understand the truths of life.

Our universe without boundaries,
Is indeed a very small place.

The imagination of a child,
Can exceed both time and space.

The person who feels unknown,
Can reach and endless sea of lives.

The achiever of a great work,
May never need to strive.

What we truly are,
May not be what we see.

For the human eye,
Can not see what will be.

Much too often in life,
We seek things to see for proof.

Yet the unseen matters of the heart,
Are the biggest source of truth.

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