Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Prayer of Squares - For Alice

She lives near the station,
The old stage coach station,
Connecting Lakeside,
With the rest of the world.

In her age she holds beauty,
Such timeless beauty,
For in her weakness,
Strength is unfurled.

In her life is magic,
Such untold magic,
Which can only be known,
As a story of faith.

For with her hands,
Her time honored hands,
She embroiders her squares,
In our hands to place.

For with each square,
Each hand knitted square,
She blesses a stranger,
With loves healing power.

For every stranger,
Each wandering stranger,
Must know he is remembered,
Within the darkest hour.

And so she travels,
Oh how she travels,
Blessing other lives,
Near the old stage station.

And so I do pray,
Oh how I pray!
That her light of love,
Can inspire our nation!

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