Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing Left - Nepal Earthqake of 4/25/2015

In the first days it was a time where you would realize that family members
were buried in debris, along with most of the equipment which could help you free them.

Now comes the time when more deaths will occur due to lack of food and clean water contributing
to the effects of exposure and disease that will spread due to all of the dead in this terrible tragedy.

I wrote this to encourage each of you to reach out through the 
Red Cross, through your churches, and through prayer to help the 
people of Nepal and surrounding areas in this most devastating of tragedies.

Reality in ruin,
All that we are,
All that we were,
Now just a dream,
For we have awaken,
To the cold light of day,
With nothing to say,
For all is now gone.

With bare hands I dig,
With family cries fading,
Inside the tomb of rubble.

Family and friends,
Now brought to end,
Wandering the streets,
Nothing left to eat,
No roads left in,
There is no way out,
Now left alone,
With no place called home.

With my hands I dig,
With family cries fading,
Inside the tomb of destruction.

We are what we were,
You are what you do,
We all need each other,
And now we need you,
From the dawn of time,
All hands each in kind,
For we will rise above,
Through your acts of love.

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