Friday, April 10, 2015

Stripped Away

When things strip away,
Vision becomes clear,
Time becomes precious,
As we see life in truth,
With all who are near.

I do wonder why,
When people do suffer,
Why it must be,
Where it will go,
And when will be me.

For pain does exist,
All things have a purpose,
And pain joins our souls,
As we each reach out,
In the bond of love.

Circumstance fades,
And differences cease,
And all of our souls,
No matter where,
Become all that is real.

As we see life in truth,
With our borrowed breath,
Within physical illusion,
Of an energy image,
Perspective we test.

We are the gift,
We give to each other,
Each passing moment,
Another chance,
Another treasure.

Take joy in all pain,
Take joy in all pleasure,
Make joy being together,
For this is the magic,
That flows in life’s song.

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