Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Al Maha Dream

The White Oryx, known as "Al Maha",
the Arabian Unicorn

Heartbeat and myth,
Upon the sands of time,
In a distant land,
From beyond the past,
With eyes of fire,
And a thirst for life,
Dark horns of legend,
And a coat of life,
Legends are lost,
And legends are made,
In love.

Wandering guardians,
Of Bedouin dreams,
The nomad’s companion,
In endless expanse,
The oasis is lost,
An oasis of life,
To living waters,
In life’s pursuit,
They know the path,
They taste the passion,
To live.

For basest of needs,
The takers did come,
To kill and to eat,
Both hide and meat,
Taking more than they need,
Taking more than their fill,
Took the image away,
Which had power to stay,
And the legend of sands,
Became a ghost of the land,
In time.

In sanctuaries of life,
The thoughtful considered,
And kindness prevailed,
In labors of love,
As the guardians were found,
A last precious few,
And kindness they knew,
In building their numbers,
To return to the wild,
Living legend protected,
In hand.

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