Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Absolute Reflection

A day is never marked,
By a sunrise or sunset,
As these are just illusions,
Setting reality in mind.

For the truth about connections,
Is that hearts are never broken,
Souls are bound together,
Beyond the framework of time.

A memory of bird song,
May not be in the past,
As the heart can hear the singing,
In all the days to come.

Memories may be connections,
In the timeless scope of truth,
Where we are always bound,
In the mystery of song.

Two hearts drawn in love,
Are always bound together,
There is no longer a beginning,
And the magic never ends.

This can be the hearts of soul mates,
A student of life and God,
This can be the heart of family,
Or a strong bond between friends.

With all of life in balance,
In the scope of truth eternal,
No problem overshadows,
The true glory that exists.

For every soul is always,
And life goes on forever,
The simplicity of knowing that,
Is the strength of all that is.

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