Friday, April 10, 2015

Just Listen

The voices,
Of the hearts,
Of the rhythm,
From the start,
Feeds the waves,
Of the raves,
Of life that craves.

From the voices,
Making choices,
Amidst the noises,
Making silence,
Filling meaning,
With ears ringing,
Blocking us,
From those beside us.

Stop and listen,
Magic will glisten,
Showing stars,
Within your days,
Allowing life,
To surpass strife,
Bringing meaning,
From wisdom gleaning,
And heart singing,
To all your days.

So to others,
And to yourself,
Give your heart’s ear,
And nothing else,
Through the laughter,
And the cries,
You will make out,
The Voice on High,
So let it dawn,
It is not gone,
It is life’s song.

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