Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soul in Bloom

Can a rose grow backwards?
Will the sun set in the east?
Can the waves flow from shore?
Is there beauty in the beast?

Nothing set in motion,
Can proceed without a passion,
Or progress without emotion,
For life is a simple love.

The simple is most profound,
As there is no such thing as size,
Which most will not surmise,
When looking at their woes.

There is no limit to love,
No limitation to living,
Even strolling the same garden,
Is never the exact same path.

And so our spirits grow,
As growth never comes easy,
Through trials and through pain,
Wisdom finds beauty in truth.

For each day the sun rises,
The world is never the same,
Filled with joy and with pain,
Painted again by the same hands.

And so we find the truth,
That thought changes reality,
Reality changes each life,
Through love within God’s plan.

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