Friday, March 27, 2015


Each life is a circle,
With our words and actions,
Touching the circles,
Of other lives.

We touch in our motion,
And in never forgetting,
We carry someone’s heart,
To others we meet.

In sharing of energy,
Our circles do join,
Each one a universe,
In the space of life.

So when a life ends,
That circle goes on,
Touching new hearts,
With undying light.

All that we eat,
And all that we drink,
Becomes part of our bodies,
Each day we breathe.

So does all that we day,
And everything we do,
Become part of other lives,
Like gifts that we leave.

This is no accident,
Or evolution of nature,
Which happened by chance,
And happens to be.

This is the magic of God,
And the music of life,
So all souls may dance,
In Creation’s beauty.

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