Friday, March 20, 2015

Through All Things

Within the breeze,
Sounds will dim,
Distractions flicker and die.
Within the blowing,
My thoughts will clear,
Though far and near,
As I understand why.

Inside the tranquil,
Amidst the noise,
I can be inside thunder.
With peace in my heart,
Inside the storm,
There is a knowing,
In the coming and going,
I will not tear asunder.

Peace is the knowledge,
Within the chaos,
All will resolve and be well.
Knowledge unseen,
A description of faith,
Tested through fire,
The strength time will tell.

Words are the wisdom,
Conveyed through eyes,
In sharing face to face.
On this proving ground,
God’s message proved sound,
Through all things,
Love can’t be erased.

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