Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living Colors - In Honor of Ron Dias (1937-2013)

I wrote this inspired by a friend my wife and I came to know near Monterey, California.  He is Ron Dias, an animator who worked with Disney for at least 50 years.  If you meet him face to face, you could not help but smile.  Even with a phone call from hundreds of miles away, I always felt elated and ready to face anything after hearing his voice.  What I am trying to say is that his illustrations merely show the magic that lives on from his life, something that can only exist where faith fuels love.  As one who loves God, I could only empathize with him.  In his older years he watched CGI replace human animation.  He had also seen his ability to paint leave him.  One thing I could not allow to leave this man was his joy, and we shared that each time we could talk with each other.  As long as I live, I will go on sharing his joy and force of life with others.

Where is magic born?
In what does it reside?
It can be found anywhere,
Where the heart can truly see,
That’s how magic is found,
And how it came to me,
Upon a day in Monterey,
Thanksgiving we did share,
In sharing we did speak,
A gentleman we did meet,
The warmest smile ever,
A laugh that filled the heart,
He drew a gift for my girl,
A princess on a napkin,
A fairy in our hearts,
Tinkerbell came to life,
With love through his hand,
In fantasy all of his life,
Making characters real,
Giving warmth of heart,
Adding to our world,
Since he was a young man,
Sleeping Beauty made us fans,
That world became part of ours,
Through magic in his hand,
His pen gave ladies beauty,
His pen gave men their charm,
Bringing fear from their foes,
And saving them from harm,
Our childhood dreams were full,
Imagination was our light,
Giving creation to creativity,
All throughout his life,
Yet time must see progress,
And technology paves a way,
As computers now draw for us,
The animators with us,
Saw an end to their day,
Yet my friend keeps smiling,
And I for him,
We fan our fires,
To not grow dim,
For the magic he imparts,
Will always find safe haven,
Deep within my heart.

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