Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tail of Black and White

The wanderings of my wife and I took us far into the back country outside of Durango, where the biggest roads and county highways seemed to be all made of dirt.  In this mountain scene we did pass missing posters of some black and white puppies.  My daughter Jessica did worry for them for sometime.  I said when we get back home, we could write a story about them with a happy ending, seeing them safe though our faith in spite of dangers and things we could not control.  I do not know the fate of the puppies, but I have written this for my daughter Jessica.

Upon a mountain ranch,
They did play and roam,
The wild skies of Durango,
Is where they did call home,
They ran with the children,
Within the warmth of day,
They chased young horses,
When they came for hay.

Yet a sharp noise scared them,
And they did run from home,
White running with Black,
They lost scent of home,
Amidst the dark trees,
Before the bright moon light,
They kept each other warm,
Through the coldest night.

A low growl awoke them,
And sent them running scared,
So they would not be alone,
God did have them paired,
Behind a looming rock,
White did follow Black,
Crouched low amist the brush,
They did avoid attack,

In morning light did come,
Beneath the tall pine trees,
And showed them both this bush,
Was covered in sweet berries,
A breakfast they did have,
Then licked their purple lips,
Wagging both their tails,
Continued on their trip.

Passing plenty papers posted,
Where pictures of them stand,
The wind did change direction,
And fate did change its plan,
God blew scent unto them,
To where they both did roam,
Which then safely lead them,
To the sweet embrace of home.

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