Monday, November 19, 2012

The Legend of Georgetown

"What Colorado was, Georgetown is."

This poem was inspired by a visit to Georgetown, Colorado  which was the setting for the John Denver film, A Christmas Gift.  This is a place which has to be seen to be felt.

Nothing is newer,
Than a century old,
Yet nothing is old,
Where life breathes new,
Within a pocket of time,
Nestled between mountains,
The legend awaits,
For the traveler to come,
As the warmth of the past,
Meets the heart of the future,
Time begins to slow,
The traveler begins to stroll,
Before old store fronts,
Only seen within cinemas,
And yet here they stand,
In the truth of the sunlight,
A treasure was foretold,
To be found upon these streets,
The mountains stand above,
Like guardians of the light,
For courage is required,
To make a quest come true,
And passion is the key,
For taking the next step,
While into a shop,
Curiosity beckons,
And the traveler comes,
To find what comes next,
Amidst things of the past,
The traveler beholds,
For they are signposts,
Of the road we have come,
While the townspeople tell,
Of all they can share,
A tapestry is woven,
From words of the heart,
And before each soul,
The magic is done,
For the legend foretold,
Is of finding great treasure,
For knowing one’s self,
Is the treasure that’s true,
And the traveler does bring,
The magic which sings,
And the legend foretells,
The traveler is you.

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