Monday, November 26, 2012

To Leave Where You Love

Out of place,
A familiar place,
With faces I know,
To where I work,
To where I sleep,
No where else to go,
I hide my fear,
Deep in my heart,
Fear of not being free,
Into my words,
I do depart,
Where I can be me,
Out of the Rockies,
White capped in snow,
Where I came back from,
Out be the ocean,
Within my city,
I can hide from none,
The place of hiding,
Of which I speak,
With no one but me,
Is in the wild,
So full of eyes,
All creation can see,
Yet here I am,
Where people roam,
And passion does not rise,
For through the heart,
Vision flows true,
I am invisible to their eyes,
Yet the place I speak,
Of which I left,
Within me did impart,
The love of life,
And souls held dear,
Forever within my heart.

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