Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flight of the Heart

Have you ever made something and found joy in giving it?  It is the joy of creation and an act of love combined.  I think God gave this to us in the fact that all the things we combine to eat are found in such various locations.  I think God inspires this in us by giving a heart after him which creates a passion to overcome limitations, and go beyond.  This came inspired by the Grand Canyon, and all our hearts could touch.

Upon this ground we stand,
Looking up into the infinite,
Wishing we could soar,
Yet we are without wings,
As God made us wingless,
So we could soar higher,
For what is out of reach,
Instills a passionate fire,
God made us finless,
So we can explore depths,
Diving deeper than whales,
Exploring fully his wonder,
God blocked our vision,
With the wall of the horizon,
So that our hearts would inspire,
The exploration of creation,
Satisfied with the here,
We explore beyond the air,
Placing stars within grasp,
For our descendants to aspire,
All of this I see,
With arms outstretched,
Over the great canyon,
Where my spirit can soar.

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