Friday, November 23, 2012


This was inspired by the people we have met and the wonderful conversations we have had at the Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado.  This is truly a nexus where the east and west meet in our country, and people of different countries come together as one.  The true Victorian decor of this 125 year old hotel brings past and present together dispelling the illusion of time, leaving one with the essential truths of who we are together under God.

Amidst the hallways,
Clothed in the past,
As if from a film,
Wrought woodwork,
A splash of class,
From another time,
Comes another world,
Adorned of doorways,
Where many slept,
Through time flow,
How many wept,
Crisis comes and goes,
Living joys and woes,
Laughter follows tears,
As many have come here,
Erected on a head of land,
Holding a crown of mountains,
Both nobleman and cowboy,
Needed a place of rest,
Coming to the best,
Cultures which clash,
Find common ground,
In conversation,
Connection found,
Heart and spirit meet,
Producing living heat,
Spreads from soul to soul,
From wilderness undefiled,
A magic beautiful and wild,
For the souls that traveled past,
Left a joy to share and last,
Which is felt within the walls,
Colored Victorian glory,
Attracting travel of world,
From nations come to share,
And take the magic forth,
As a soul is touched by many,
The one returns to his land,
With magic making many whole,
For God gave the gift transference,
Found here shown at its best,
For my soul has been blessed,
With connections.

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