Monday, November 5, 2012

The Sorrow of Laughter

I wrote this thinking of a friend going through great difficulty.  There is family, and counseling happening.  There are moments of joy, and great sadness.  I feel a grief in this person so insurmountable that self realization seems to be impossible.  Nothing is impossible with God.  I can never believe in impossibilities as my wife and I stand by this person's side.

I can see you,
But I cannot feel,
I can hear you,
Speak of what is real,
Life and love abound,
Pain and grief confounds,
I do not know where I’m going,
While the bell is tolling.

People smile around me,
I can see them laughing,
I can hear them speaking,
But I do not understand,
I smile as they laugh,
Their joy may be real,
Trapped behind this glass,
Their joy I cannot feel.

I cannot face what is,
It is growing inside me,
I cannot feel your love,
You have it right beside me,
I taste tears in your words,
And then I laugh again,
I just do not see why,
You can be my friend.

Sometimes I feel crazy,
Not knowing who I am,
You say God is holding me,
Safe within His hand,
Yet the symbol of you here,
Is the sign that He is near,
I pray for strength daily,
As I try to understand.

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