Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Binding

For Brandon

I know you feel you could have stopped your brother's death, as those same thoughts haunted me when my brother died.  There is no explaining why these things must happen.  We keep them alive in our hearts while using God's wisdom to make their lives continue to count for something on Earth.

Just a couple of travelers,
On the road in the night,
Just a couple of brothers,
Looking for some light,
For supplies we came inside,
Our souls we could not hide,
Kindred spirits of the truth,
To whom nothing is denied,
We both lost one close to us,
We both lost what’s part of us,
On a cycle he departed my heart,
Now residing within forever,
Yours a candle in the wind,
Blown out before your eyes,
The instant when you sighed,
Your hands did not snuff the light,
Though the darkness knew you cried,
And now your sleep escapes you,
As it once escaped me,
Both of us together,
What a sight to see,
Yet I carry your fire,
As you well carry mine,
That it will hold us in the night,
Wherever we both may go,
From this time we always know,
Knowledge and strength God gives,
That we may continue the fight.

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