Monday, November 19, 2012

When Stars Fade

I wrote this after hearing the news that John Denver's Windstar Foundation is selling their land and closing their doors forever.  This was a great institution that not only made a difference in environmental conservation so people could have better lives, this led to the Hunger Project which literally saved thousands of lives.

Within an antique shop,
I see books with many names,
Names of those who lived and loved,
And whom I have never known,
Leaving their legacies,
They wrote from their hearts,
Making a difference,
In the ways they lived,
Yet today unknown,
Save for the lone explorer,
Seeking the wisdom,
From the forgotten years,
And seeing the musican,
Who changed the world,
Through words and guitar,
He became a voice,
Through loving without limit,
He became a force,
Not all within self,
But through other hearts,
Inspiring actions,
Which could make the change,
His foundation stood,
On the slopes of Aspen,
A paradise of nature,
For all the hearts yearning,
To find their way back,
To being a force of life,
The foundation passing,
Can not change,
All the passing changes,
Which have come in our lives,
For the singer told us,
To each do what we can,
For all good that we do,
Works for a better life,
Though changes must come,
My heart will not change,
And his word lives in my heart,
Though the stars fade away.


  1. Good thoughts! I have never been to Windstar nor supported it financially nor been involved in any way with it, but I have been a John Denver fan for decades, and hearing of its sudden closure was, and still is, a shock.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment. John often spoke that we each can do something different, no matter if it is big or small. He said it can even be something we enjoy. If we each do that one thing, we can all make a difference! It does not matter if you supported Windstar or not, you are a brother or sister and we are all in this together. Please just continue to share your smile and inspiration with those around you, and you will be living the love that John inspired us all to share.