Friday, January 18, 2013

Sons of The Edmond

This was written in memory of the 29 men who lived and died aboard the Edmond Fitzgerald, immortalized in song by Gordon Lightfoot
As long as we remember those who have gone before,
The are always with us.

They were boys along the seashore,
Young men who rowed the waves,
The felt the calling in their hearts,
For the sea knew their names,
The storm took them from her,
Through rain she shed her tears,
The sun then rose upon silence,
Confirming all our fears,
Then the mourning had begun,
Wives for husbands,
Mothers for sons,
Yet their hearts will live forever,
As long as we remember,
Though our humanity,
We never forget,
These valiant souls,
Shining stars in Heaven,
For they are,
The Sons of the Edmond.

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