Friday, February 15, 2013

Heart to Heart

For Joyce and Butch

We met Joyce on a garage sale.  She was clearing items after the loss of her husband.  We spoke of him, his love of music, and how he interacted with people.  We spoke of marriage, love between people, and the bonds that never break.  This is for Joyce.

Life is the reason,
And love is the way,
As we walk together,
Within a sea of souls,
With language of feeling,
And words of music,
Hand within hand,
Heart within heart,
Alive in God’s hand,
Never to part,
Simplicity is joy,
And living is simple,
Sharing our gifts,
Soul to soul,
The fire spreads,
Beyond our home,
And past our shores,
For joined in marriage,
We are one in love,
Never to be apart,
The magic lives on,
Heart to heart.

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