Thursday, February 21, 2013

Small Circles

I like exactly how this image links circles together...

I have always been amazed how my wife can create drawings using dozens of tiny circles while she is talking on the phone.  Recently I saw the same style in the art of Christine who is a Christian mother of 4 that I bought a piece of furniture from on Craig’s List.  We spoke of life interactions in faith and she showed some examples of her art, including a piece that is going to the Lakeside Lutheran Church.   In speaking feeling through our gifts, we reach other lives.

Circles forming freely,
Throughout all we can see,
In all of our actions,
Surrounding our words,
Bonding air to the waters,
Closing light to the earth,
Feeling heart to soul,
Finding form in the whole,
As circles on paper,
Touch skin to skin,
Forming shapes and form,
Blue caressing white,
And an angel’s wing rises,
Embracing the light,
As with all that we do,
In speaking who we are,
Paints a picture of each soul,
Every laugh,
And emotion,
Bonds lives together,
Painting the tapestry of love,
Telling the story of forever,
Using colors of feeling,
In small circles.

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