Friday, March 15, 2013


We are human,
Do not forget,
You will be reminded,
By your mistakes,
Mistakes being painful,
Reminding me daily,
I am not who I will be,
Reminding me often,
As I look at reflections,
Thinking about currents,
Within dark waters,
Carrying my form,
Away from the shore,
Away from goals,
Longed by the heart,
Achievement unrealized,
Family unfulfilled,
As life flows away.

How far can I see,
Down the river flow?
Can I see the waters,
Just beyond the trees?
I am here for a reason,
We are here in this season,
Only knowing now,
Not even knowing how,
We really came to be,
Nor of future blessings,
Which we cannot see,
While blinded by fatigue,
Underneath the darkness,
Which does not cancel light,
The birds are still in flight,
While around the bend,
Waters clearing,
Within our sight,
The shore is nearing,
As the only truth of failure,
Would be giving up.

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