Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Will of Life

Newton saw lines,
Definition in the universe,
Wheels which always rotate,
By laws which always turn,
A canvass of three dimensions,
Where causes create their effects,
Predictable by life's laws,
If we can observe their detail,
Quite a sensible conclusion,
Which fancied the mind of Einstein,
Who saw a deterministic world,
Where deviance from the norm,
Would be God rolling the dice,
Yet what about the weather?
Simply moisture and heating,
Yet the outcome of the weather,
Seems as random as the stars.
So are the stars random,
Or hanging in perfect balance,
Within an endless matrix,
We only try to comprehend?
For here we are as living,
With decisions in the balance,
Our courses contemplated,
When we can not define life.
Yet our will determines life,
As we set our plans in motion,
Changing things in our reality,
Affecting one another's hearts,
As the moisture in the sky,
With the heating of the sun,
Brings together rain clouds,
Which gives the seeds their start.
So the forces all around us,
Mirror our own spirits,
While changes they do make,
As we change our own lives,
Yet the free will of reality,
Is nature's definition,
For the powers of creation,
Are in the Will of Life.

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