Friday, February 15, 2013

The Girl and the Guitar

Inspired by Suzanne Vega as she performed in San Diego on February 12, 2012.

We could hear the calling,
All through the day,
A rythm of feelings,
From far away,
For down near the waters,
She had come to play,
A friend to gather us near.

The night drew a party,
Out in the streets,
On noise noted sidewalks,
Friends came to meet,
But into the theater,
For music to greet,
We strangers gathered inside.

She had written her words,
She wrote what she felt,
Of all the had seen,
And what she could tell,
Of moments of joy,
And times that were tense,
For our lives fulfill the song.

I could see how we travel,
On the currents of life,
How things don't make sense,
And joy turns to strife,
My compass seems broken,
And I can't see the shore,
But still we travel on.

If we had all the answers,
Our hearts could not live,
For passion in living,
Is the love that we give,
And from that night,
Our hearts gained more light,
From the girl and her guitar.

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