Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Tears of Love

To touch the untouchable,
Has led to dreams fulfilled,
Flying among the clouds,
And traveling amidst the stars,
Yet everything can be reached,
With the strength of persistence,
But what is more untouchable,
Then the presence of pain?
Deep within the heart,
It can not be measured,
As it is without dimension,
It can not be weighed,
As it is without mass,
It can not be held,
As it is not physical,
Yet is is there,
And untouchable,
Within people beside us,
And also inside us,
Yet what can be touched,
Is the person in pain,
Through the ears with words,
Though a world away,
Through a warm embrace,
When just by our side,
And in the bonding,
There is a door,
It opens ubove us,
Like the storm cloud brimming,
And ready to pour down,
The door is through Heaven,
And into God's heart,
As the remedy to pain,
Is His perfect love,
Understanding unbounded,
He rains down upon us,
Quenching the dryness,
And the pain is abated,
In tears of love.

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