Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don’t Loose Your Way

As the sun rises,
I rise for the journey,
Pursuing my occupation,
Turning and returning,
As I see beneath the tides,
Waters moving back and forth,
Carrying all that is within,
While I am observing,
I behold a small wonder,
For the fish are too small,
To resist the tide force,
Yet as the tide pulls them,
They wait for the moment,
As the grip is released,
They make their way forth,
With strong determination,
They retain their focus,
Keeping their direction,
Until they reach their goal,
With that in my heart,
I see people around me,
Those walking the Earth,
With free will in hand,
For time is so precious,
In between the tides,
To know if we are working,
With any goal in mind,
For the mark on this Earth,
Left by the living,
Is from words and actions,
Which we do and say,
As leaders of power,
May hold great positions,
But the words of a janitor,
Could change the world,
For gifts of people abound,
Like the sands by the sea,
Yet a gift that goes unused,
Is like a gift that is not there,
When pursuing life necessities,
We must pursue the reason,
We must not forget living,
Don’t loose your way.

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