Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Battlefront - For Suzy Harrold in Her Fight Against Cancer

The enemy is fear,
His greatest ally is doubt,
Using details and clues,
To make obscurity a weapon,
Causing pain and anxiety,
Over what may be,
For the doctor gave word,
And the surgery was done,
Removing what was found,
Sewing and insuring,
Taking stand against the problem,
As cancer stood its ground,
Yet the way to face this enemy,
Is by standing on what is,
For the cancer found her,
But she is full of life,
She is full of hope,
She is filled with love,
From the soul mate beside her,
Of forty years and more,
At home within the land,
Blessings given by God’s hand,
Especially in her children,
A daughter of wordless strength,
A new son strong beside her,
From a background so different,
Yet a part of her forever,
Reminding us of truth,
Our hearts drawn to a story,
For we are all in this together,
As God gave us each other,
To stand against the wind,
Giving of our help,
As if they were our own,
Standing by their side,
So they can breathe again.

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