Monday, July 23, 2012

This was written originally for some students in San Diego who were reeling from the shock of a father killing his two boys which were there friends.  This effected the lives of a community.  Norway is reeling from the senseless killing of many of their youth in a tragedy that has effected the nation, and shocked the world.  This is for the youth of Norway, no matter what age.  May you take hold of our outstreached hands and be strong in this time, as the human spirit proves that love from God will overcome all evil.


By Eric Visconti

I see them there,
As I come around,
They are smiling to me,
Always contagious,
Very outgoing,
Your burdens lift,
When in their presence,
I feel it every time,
It hits me again,
Later in the day,
Outside in the laughter,
In the crowd I hear them,
I see them from behind,
Approaching with joy,
I want to be there,
Just to laugh with them,
Their images disappear,
Along with their lives,
Taken from them suddenly,
Stolen from our hearts,
They were killed,
With homework undone,
With hearts untouched,
Other lives to be won,
Love to be unleashed,
Felt in other arms,
Their children will never be,
All of this taken from me,
With a shot to my heart,
Yet my mind is reeling,
For why do I see them?
Is the pain too much for me?
Was this more than I could see?
Can I not accept they are gone?
I can’t keep seeing them,
My sanity begs for mercy,
Through the veil of my tears,
Yet why are they smiling,
When I see them now?
Could it be they are well?
Happy in Heaven’s fold,
In a paradise of no pain,
No memory of wrongs done,
If God is really out there,
Then they are with Him,
If they are truly with Him,
Then what am I seeing?
Why would God allow that,
If He truly loves me?
Perhaps it is a sign,
Knowing what is real,
And they are in paradise,
Is a vision I am given,
To allow me to heal,
I know they are not here,
They cannot truly be,
Perhaps it is reflections,
Accounting for what I see,
As an image bends on water,
I cannot see them clearly,
But I can see enough,
Since I can see beauty,
I cannot explain,
Why tragedy strikes,
From freedom of will,
Which he placed in existence,
So that the likes of us,
Have the power to transform,
The power to change lives,
Or bring them to an end,
If he placed such a thing,
As free will in my hand,
I will help others with it,
Those grieving around me,
To show them what I see,
So that they have truth,
Knowing life is still precious,
Our friends our in our hearts,
And as we hold each others hands,
Nothing can destroy love.

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