Friday, July 13, 2012

The Light

I recently found this photo taken some years ago in front of a Polish church just after an Easter service.  My wife took the photograph as the sky was completely clouded, and did not see what appears in the photo.  Judge what you would like about the light effect, but I have my own conclusions.  Light comes from God onto each of us, but can not be seen with the eyes until that light manifests through the gifts and skills of each individual person.  As more people are inspired to seek their gifts and add them to the richness of life by blessing others, I hope to wake to a brighter world every day.

Darkness exists,
So that light may shine,
Creating contrasts,
As differences create choices,
And choices must be made,
For we all have free will,
Though circumstance will happen,
Beyond the control of any,
Beauty shines through darkness,
Based on all that we choose to do,
For light shines from a source,
As it does from the sun,
We can choose to live in light,
Or seek shelter from its rays,
We can use the light and warmth,
For the growth of fruit and flowers,
Or just let the sun go down,
As we focus on other things,
Yet the most powerful light of all,
Shines from Heaven above,
Straight from the heart of God,
Flowing over every soul,
Yet souls do have the choice,
To see or not to see,
As true sight only comes,
Through the eyes of the heart,
And each one of our souls,
Becomes as a great lens,
Shaping this light with color,
According to each of our gifts,
So as it shines through us,
When reaching out to others,
Some shine forth with speech,
Some shine by building homes,
Some with gifts of healing,
Some can’t be described with words,
Yet the way one shines forth,
Is no greater than another,
For we all can do different things,
And different things we must,
Making life grow ever sweeter,
As the world brightens each day,
And so I pray my words,
May cause each to seek their gift,
So that every morning we wake,
We rise into a brighter world.

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