Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Gift of the Horsemen - Written for Horsemanship for the Handicapped in San Diego, CA

The Gift of the Horsemen

For Horsemanship for the Handicapped
San Diego, CA

This is a program that has touched hundreds of lives and families.  As it is closing, I wanted everyone possible to know how many lives were touched forever, and what it means to me.

Article:  Horsemanship Closes 

It takes one heart,
To start a fire,
They began with few,
The idea of course,
Putting child on horse,
Was beautiful and new.

As the fire spread,
Burning heart to heart,
The volunteers did come,
To help the children,
Through various problems,
Their beauty is second to none.

With child upon horse,
Minds came into focus,
As two bodies moved as one,
I watched windows open,
To reach through to souls,
Miracles under the sun.

We came as parents,
Requesting their service,
As our child could not speak,
And upon that first horse,
She smiled the first time,
Awaking passion from sleep.

We came there as parents,
We came there as children,
There for a common cause,
Finding strength in each other,
Giving hope to the children,
In spite of all of our flaws.

Some could not walk,
But strength in their legs,
Returned with all their rides,
Some would not talk,
Until joy rose within,
A flame burning in their eyes.

The horses took part,
So gentle and kind,
As if knowing children there,
And the children responded,
Kissing their manes,
 Thankful for the care.

Like beautiful stories,
Which we all have heard,
Have endings as we know,
This story of hearts,
Creating miracles,
Has also come to a close.

Yet so many lives,
Touched and changed,
Forever have changed paths,
For the gift of the horsemen,
Will always endure,
For love forever lasts.

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