Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Fire in August – For Angela August 1987-2012

This is for a girl I have never met, who died a few days ago on the highway near my home while a teacher named Jimmy Arevalo I have never met tried to rescue her.  They both leave behind loving families.  Love is the bond between hearts which defies death.  The feeling in our hearts lets us know each day that they go on though we can not hold them now.  I don't know why these things must happen, there are things we will never be able to explain.  What I do know is this.  There is no goodbye, there is only love. 

She walked within the garden,
Embraced the light of Spring,
Counting all the blessings,
Inspiring her to sing.

She created all her chances,
Not waiting for them to come,
In creating opportunity,
She was equaled by none.

By looking into eyes,
Wherever she would go,
She answered her own questions,
Of who that she would know.

For knowing is a gift,
Given from the start,
By her eyes you knew her,
You could see into her heart.

For her heart was a furnace,
Which took her very far,
By the heat of her passion,
She was a shining star,

Persistence was her pleasure,
She could never just give up,
God blessing her abilities,
As love would fill her cup.

No force that can exist,
Can take her love away,
For within our hearts,
We find her fire today.

There are many answers,
Which we will never know,
Yet of certain she is in us,
Wherever we may go.

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