Friday, June 29, 2012

Stones of Fire

Stones of Fire

For Gay James
On her Eightieth Birthday

What is light?
Does it shine down,
From the sun?
Do we see light,
By our eyes?
Within the night,
Do we not feel light,
Through the heart?
From the source,
Light shines forth,
From the sun upon all,
Reflecting and refracting,
Bringing color and motion,
While the light of love,
Shines from the source,
Blindingly compassionate,
God shines on us all,
Refracting and reflecting,
From each of our hearts,
On to each other,
Keeping us young,
For we are all young,
From different times,
Uniting past and present,
As energy and wisdom,
And in her eyes,
I see this truth,
Faith abounding,
With love resounding,
For all who know her,
Are inspired to smile,
All encouraged by her,
Are inspired to continue,
For the path of life,
Is lighted and clear,
As souls like her,
Show others the way,
An example to me,
For the path of God,
Upon his mountain of truth,
Is lit by stones of fire.

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