Monday, June 18, 2012

Unto Deliverance

I went up to the Cuppa Cuppa drive through coffee shop today.  It is on the corner of the street where I work, and I have often sat outdoors and written poetry there.  Today I had no clear idea though I knew I have written about hardship recently.  After I started writing it occurred to me that hardship is ALSO a prelude to one of the most joyous times of life.  The birth of a child.  Shopping for our daughter tonight I met a young lady pregnant with a baby boy who proved that joy to be true.  It is what we make of it with faith and love.

Life can be hard,
Moments of pain,
So much can happen,
And fear takes hold,
As doubts intrude,
Shaking our confidence,
If we will get through,
Yet fear and pain,
So often occur,
When one life,
Brings forth another,
And the joy of birth,
Leaves all else forgotten,
So see it through,
Hold on to your faith,
Use your imagination,
So the trials endured,
Will bring forth new life.

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