Friday, June 29, 2012

For Joy – In Memory of Nora Young

I wrote this for a lady that my wife knew from work and who I never met.  Her force of life reached out to my heart through the many souls she touched there.

We were always in her eyes,
And her smile in our hearts,
Out there among us,
Of the best of us,
She was using her hands,
To give gifts of the heart,
Working beside us,
In every way,
She made our days,
Just being there,
That was enough,
Just being where,
She could be felt,
Love could be shared,
For just seeing her,
Brought a good smile,
Even in darkest days,
For those were her ways,
As constant as the wind,
Though wind may cease,
The breeze blows again,
With the morning sun,
For the wind was her song,
And it carries her song,
For there is power,
Greater than death,
Which appears as loss,
Yet we all have gained,
For love never dies,
And her heart beats on,
Within our souls,
For the song,
For life,
For joy.

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