Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Gyre

“I realized that looking upon the Gyre would cause madness,
Yet I could not turn away from its beauty.” – An Unknown Sailor

Sole survivor of the storm,
Sails useless,
Tattered and torn,
Days uncounted,
Hull listing,
Nights uncounted,
Ship a drifting,
No wind or wave,
No way out,
I lay upon the deck.

A deafening sound of nothing,
A complete stilling,
Utter chilling,
I come to in the darkness,
And unto the light,
Then engulfed by the darkness,
My mind succumbing to silence,
No sound but myself,
I am becoming entranced,
By the darkness itself,

The sea as still as glass,
Becomes a perfect mirror,
Light bending imagery,
Mind bending reality,
The moon and stars above,
Perfectly reflected below,
I look down upon a perfect image,
Lunar craters below my feet,
The stars below as a mirage,
My deck outlined in black,
Surrounded by the stars,
Above and below me,
Neither up or down exist,
I doubt my own mortality,
As I walk upon the stars in space.

Through rushing clouds,
The moonlight breaks,
A silhouette deck touched by light,
A deck alive with sea snakes,
Amidst I stand a gasp,
Trapped within a nightmare prison,
The moment quickly passes,
As the clouds pour like sand,
Across the face of the moon.
The writhing motion fades in the dark,
And all is still again,
Alone in the dark a cry for help,
As the motion overcomes me,
Then I open my eyes in peace,
Surrounded by good men,
In good care,
Aboard the very ship,
That rescued me from the Gyre.

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