Friday, June 22, 2012

Song of Songs - For Steve and Kendra's Wedding

Within the music of living,
Life becomes a song,
One written be all,
All writing into each,
Adding their voices,
As we make our choices,
Deciding where we go,
And who we each become,
While the music continues,
Pouring into us from without,
Played forth to all with ears,
For into each of our lives,
Much is contributed,
Making life so precious,
As we each become born,
Of the love of two parents,
Proceeded by four grandparents,
And sixteen great grandparents,
For the number grows greater,
As you look further behind,
And each person had values,
Each one their adoration,
Every life with meaning,
Yet with voices now silent,
Their songs sing within us,
Adding tone and rhythm,
And emotion to ours,
And with each song lived,
Comes the most beautiful time,
As the hearts of two songs,
Make their songs become one,
The two voices become one,
As the sound becomes sweeter,
Defying problems and difficulties,
A harmony of rich emotion,
Too wondrous for two souls,
Often bringing new voices,
As new songs are begun,
For I have never heard,
True music in beauty,
Until I opened my ears,
Seeing fully through the heart,
For though songs may end,
The singing will continue,
As all hearts live forever,
Within the music of love.

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