Sunday, August 19, 2012


Sometimes I have had dreams where I hear songs that have not been written.  Years after seeing the Miami Vice episode "A bullet for Crockett" I dreamed about it hearing a song from Peter Gabriel.  Upon finding the episode on the internet and watching it, I confirmed the song never existed.  Recently I had another dream where John Denver was in his late 60's playing a song on stage which he never wrote before his death.  Last night I heard this song in a dream on the radio, and this morning I figured I had better write it down.

Our lives are set from eight to five,
Sometimes we just don’t feel alive,
We pass each other briefly now,
At dusk and dawn.

While we work to have a life,
We can get lost within the strife,
We have to hold on tight,
Before its gone.

I think its time we get away…
Down to Cucamonga.
When were there we’ll find our way…
Down in Cucomonga.
We go for walks amidst the breeze,
The surf will set our souls at ease,
We will find our way…
Down in Cucomonga.

The only thing I know is true,
Is how I feel when I’m with you,
We must not loose the chance,
To make the time.

While we’re here will find ourselves,
Amidst the sand and ocean swells,
For it is our own hearts,
That we will find.

We have found our way…
Down to Cucamonga.
Where we can laugh and play…
Down in Cucomonga.
We go for walks amidst the breeze,
The surf will set our souls at ease,
We’ll hear the song of love,
Down in Cucomonga.

I can see my life within your eyes,
Where I see the sun amidst the skies,
And I remember all,
That I can give.

Let’s always sing the song of love,
Played through our hearts from above,
For within your life,
Is where I live.

In our hearts we’ll stay…
Down in Cucamonga.
Our hearts will never stray…
Away from Cucomonga.
The joy will carry through our song,
And show the way to a new dawn,
So that others find,
Love in Cucomonga.

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