Saturday, February 25, 2017

Upon The Mountain

 Upon the mountain, 
 Heartbeats rising, 
 Souls in sunset, 
 Amidst  love's wonder, 
 Where spirits dance, 
 Within life's song, 
 Upon the mountain. 

  Our lives converge, 
 As we seek to be loved, 
 Walking trails of tranquility, 
 Though the dark clouds  come, 
 For as storms rearrange, 
 Love shields the heart, 
 Upon the mountain. 

 Within the town, 
 Through broken glass, 
 We glimpse the past, 
 With presence in the present, 
 As we discover ourselves, 
 And lift our pain to Heaven,
 Upon the mountain. 

 Time's illusion fades fast, 
Within places without time,
Walking the trail of no words,
Where past souls meet with present,
To overlook the view of eagles,
To see the view as from Heaven,
Upon the mountain.

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