Thursday, March 2, 2017

Upon This Street

 Upon the street, 
 Cars are racing in haste, 
 Schedules being kept, 
 Against the racing clock, 
 And endless circle of change, 
 Folding back upon itself, 
 Bringing repetition's reward, 
 Beneath this unchanging sky, 
 With birds reminding me of truth, 
 As I walk upon the street. 

 Upon the street, 
 Sign posts of the present, 
 Coffee cups and fender chunks, 
 Within the sparkle of broken glass, 
 Bumper stickers of thoughts past, 
 Amidst hearts asleep racing, 
 Wearing a rubber stamped expression, 
 Though some are truly awake, 
 Burning like stars with in the night, 
 Upon the street. 

 Upon the street, 
 With helicopter overhead, 
 I walk  above the sidewalk, 
 Being careful not to touch, 
 With Disturbia undisturbed, 
 Alone with in my footsteps, 
 I have never walked alone, 
 For souls know no separation, 
And God is ever present,
 And God is ever present, 
 Upon the street. 

 Upon this street,
 Rainwater casts reflections, 
 Held by the blackened pavement, 
 Showing trees and sky above, 
 As does the face that smiles, 
 Reflecting joys of heaven, 
 Contagious seeds of faith, 
 Taking root in other souls, 
 Growing trees of life and meaning, 
 Upon this street. 

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